10 Impressive Merits of Dyslexic

The school years can be a difficult time for dyslexic learners, their exceptional gifts and talents have made them some of the most successful people in the world- outside the classroom. So while some people, at some times, may look at dyslexia as a disability, it really is a learning difference that is accompanied by some impressive strengths.

Dyslexic Strengths

  1. Often highly creative
  2. Persistent
  3. Can easily grasp new concepts
  4. See patterns, connections and similarities that others don’t see
  5. Excellent at solving puzzles
  6. Holistic:  they see the big picture, don’t get lost in details, get to the important aspects
  7. Excellent comprehension of stories read or told to them
  8. Strong reasoning skills
  9. Understand abstract ideas
  10. Inclination to think outside the box

Dyslexic Careers

These strengths lend themselves nicely into these careers.

  • Science/Research
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Design
  • Woodworking/Carpentry
  • Artist
  • Actor
  • Architect
  • Mechanic
  • Engineering
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Athletics
  • Software design

As parents we have a tremendous amount of influence in developing our children’s strengths and interests.  Get to know their strengths and come alongside them to guide them.  Help them dream and set goals for themselves.  Chances are that with the dyslexic’s strength in persevering through difficulties, coupled with loving guidance and support, they too can excel in the their God-given gifts.

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